Andy Schneggenburger

Andy Schneggenburger, Land Use & Zoning Chair

Andy Schneggenburger, Land Use & Zoning Chair

Andy Schneggenburger has lived in East Atlanta since 2001, having been attracted to the neighborly and civic vitality of the community, and the walkable quality of life provided by the East Atlanta Village. He has been an EACA member and contributor to the Association’s Land Use and Zoning Committee since 2002.

With a professional background in architecture, urban planning, community development and equitable neighborhood revitalization, Andy is committed to the vision for East Atlanta as outlined in the EAV Master Plan of 2000: an inclusive pedestrian-friendly East Atlanta Village commercial district with a self-supporting mix of businesses and residences providing a community-based high quality of life for the diverse households and neighborhoods surrounding it.

As EACA’s Land Use and Zoning Committee chairperson, Andy facilitates EACA’s assessment of zoning-related proposals affecting the East Atlanta neighborhood, protects and promotes the current Neighborhood Commercial 2 (NC2) zoning classification of the EAV commercial district, and represents EACA at Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) W meetings and at the NPU W Land Use and Zoning Committee.

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