Porch Press

If you live in Neighborhood Planning Unit West ("NPU-W"), East Atlanta, SAND and Grant Park, then you should be receiving the Porch Press, your neighborhood newspaper, by mail once a month.

The Porch Press Committee is made up of volunteers who work to put out the Porch Press neighborhood newspaper on a monthly basis. There are many tasks deemed necessary by the Porch Press board including: typesetting and graphics, distribution, maintaining a website and social media functions, selling advertising, recruiting additional volunteers as needed from East Atlanta and EACA, as well as representing the community and EACA on the Porch Press Board.

There are three representatives on this committee from East Atlanta who serve with three representatives from the other neighborhood organizations in NPU-W on the Porch Press Board. The Porch Press Board members from East Atlanta are elected by EACA.

To receive The Porch Press, call 404-373-3130 or email distribution@theporchpress.com

To volunteer, call 404-377-6148 or email production@theporchpress.com