Nominate EACA Member and Business

February is Member Appreciation Month.

At the February Community Association Meeting we will acknowledge and show our appreciation to a special EACA business partner and a EACA member. They will also be featured on EACA’s Website. Make 2 nominations; an EACA member AND an EACA Business Partner, and tell how they represent the spirit of EACA and the East Atlanta Community.  Your nominees must be a current member of EACA.

When making your nomination consider their contribution to the community, their work with or within EACA, personal and business accomplishments, and anything that distinguishes them as deserving of recognition and thanks. With your EACA Business Partner nomination also consider the discounts and the special offers to EACA Members that you’ve used.

You have until January 26th to make your nominations. Make sure you give the reason  why they deserve special recognition. Turn in your nominations at the December and January EACA Meetings and/or at memebership@eaca .net. Check for updates and a list of our business partners on the EACA Website and EACA’s Social Media.

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EACA Member