Neighbor in Need

Mission Statement

Neighbor in Need East Atlanta seeks to help low income seniors and our community by:

  1. actively identifying qualified aid recipients,
  2. partnering with local, expert contractors to assess and perform repair projects and
  3. funding said repair projects at no cost to the resident.

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In total, Neighbor in Need has helped:


homeowners with


projects totaling


in repairs.

An overview of Neighbor in Need of East Atlanta. A local non-profit in East Atlanta Community that helps support low income seniors with emergency home repairs.

2016 was our biggest year yet with over 50 projects in 19 different households costing over $26,420.00!

We ask our community to help us support our seniors and encourage you to let us know if there is someone in need of assistance.  Neighbor in Need will review each individual situation and do our best to help each qualified household.


Neighbor in Need is funded 100% through charitable contributions, grants, and a TON of fundraising events.  Initiatives range from a Bi-Annual Poker Tournament, Community Yard Sale, Block Party, and more... In 2016 Neighbor in Need successfully raised over $26,476 through fundraising and donations.


Our Partners

A huge thanks to our partners who provide quality services to our community!


Neighbor in Need East Atlanta, founded in 2010, is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) and function under the umbrella of the East Atlanta Community Association (EACA).  The Neighbor in Need initiative strengthens the East Atlanta community by providing emergency home repairs for low-income elderly homeowners. This initiative is a grassroots, relationship-based, block-by-block effort to improve seniors’ lives. As you know, many elderly residents with low and fixed incomes cannot afford major repairs to their roof, HVAC or plumbing system – parts of the home that significantly contribute to one’s quality of life.  This initiative supports East Atlanta’s seniors, maintains the neighborhood’s diversity and builds community amongst neighbors.



We need all of our East Atlanta Community to help us with our initiative by keeping reaching out to their neighbors, especially the elderly.  Be open to ask if they need assistance, if their heaters work, is their plumbing okay, do they have any leaks in their roof?  If you notice a tarp on a roof, that is a sign that there may be an issue!  That is the time to call or email us.

Have a question, comment or Project Idea? Let us know! 

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