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Mission Statement

Neighbor in Need provides emergency home repairs for low-income elderly homeowners in East Atlanta, allowing them to stay safe and comfortable in their homes.


8th Annual Charity Poker Event


It's time again for our Spring Poker Tournament! Come join the fun to win great prizes and support a great charity, Neighbor in Need of East Atlanta. This is the 8th year Neighbor in Need raising money to support our cause with a fun day at the table playing for a good purpose.

When? Saturday, March 24 at 10 AM - 1 PM
Where?  The Midway Pub | 552 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30316

Only 50 spots!

In total, Neighbor in Need has helped:


homeowners with


projects totaling


in repairs.

An overview of Neighbor in Need of East Atlanta. A local non-profit in East Atlanta Community that helps support low income seniors with emergency home repairs.

2017 was our biggest year yet with over 40 projects in 18 different households costing over $37,420.00!  This does not include 2 air conditioning units and multiple HVAC units serviced by Tom Bunch, Inc. and also the discounted rates Neighbor in Need receives from MCary and Daughter on all plumbing repair jobs.  The discount received in 2017 alone was over $13,000

We ask our community to help us support our seniors and encourage you to let us know if there is someone in need of assistance.  Neighbor in Need will review each individual situation and do our best to help each qualified household.


Neighbor in Need is funded 100% through charitable contributions, grants, and a TON of fundraising events.  Initiatives range from a Annual Poker Tournament, Community Block Party, Fall Fundraising Gala, and more... In 2017 Neighbor in Need successfully raised over $26,400 through fundraising and donations.

2017 Neighbor in Need reached out beyond home repair by preparing emergency packages during Hurricane Irma, gathering food for Thanksgiving meals, and coordinating Christmas gifts.  Each project was the result of donations of goods by the East Atlanta Community and then distributed to over 85 senior households.  The bags were delivered personally by Neighbor in Need volunteers, some of whom have developed close relationships with our elders over the years. We hope to continue these initiatives which serve as a reminder of how small efforts can make an immeasurable impact.


Our Partners

A huge thanks to our partners who provide quality services to our community!


Neighbor in Need East Atlanta, founded in 2010, is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) and function under the umbrella of the East Atlanta Community Association (EACA).  The Neighbor in Need initiative strengthens the East Atlanta community by providing emergency home repairs for low-income elderly homeowners. This initiative is a grassroots, relationship-based, block-by-block effort to improve seniors’ lives. As you know, many elderly residents with low and fixed incomes cannot afford major repairs to their roof, HVAC or plumbing system – parts of the home that significantly contribute to one’s quality of life.  This initiative supports East Atlanta’s seniors, maintains the neighborhood’s diversity and builds community amongst neighbors.



We need all of our East Atlanta Community to help us with our initiative by keeping reaching out to their neighbors, especially the elderly.  Be open to ask if they need assistance, if their heaters work, is their plumbing okay, do they have any leaks in their roof?  If you notice a tarp on a roof, that is a sign that there may be an issue!  That is the time to call or email us.

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