East atlanta Parents Network (EAPN)

Connecting Families. Creating Friendships. Growing Our Community

The East Atlanta Parents Network (EAPN) is an initiative of the East Atlanta Community Association designed to help local parents meet, share experiences and discuss issues important to them and their children. EAPN will organize a variety of events and gatherings to help East Atlanta parents get together – these will include playgroups, school tours, and visits to local attractions, among others – and will provide an updated listing of various links of interest and resources available to kids and their parents in and around the East Atlanta neighborhood.

Established in 2009, EAPN is geared toward providing a forum for and connections among East Atlanta children of all ages and their parents, with the belief that in fostering the ties among friends and neighbors, we help to improve the community for all residents.

EAPN grew out of the community-based organization LEAP – Linking Education And Parents – a group focused on fostering quality public education for the East Atlanta community.

EAPN offers an age specific peer group for each year based on your child’s birth. If you do not see a group for your child’s age please let us know and you can be the one to get it started! If you are currently pregnant and would like to attend a peer group contact the youngest age group that is listed and that group will be happy to chat with you and commiserate about pregnancy.


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