EACA Community Meeting - February 13, 2018


  • Welcome – Lewis Cartee, President    

  • Atlanta Police Department

  • Committee Updates                                                                                           

  • Land Use & Zoning – Andy Schneggenburger, Chair                              

    •  795 Flat Shoals Ave. - V-18-08: Owner seeks a variance from the minimum size and minimum height requirements for an accessory structure on an R-4 single-family-zoned parcel, to allow for the addition of a second floor studio on top of an existing garage.


  • 839 Flat Shoals Ave. - V-18-09: Owner seeks a variance from the transitional yard setback and from the half-depth front yard setback on a C-1 commercially zoned parcel in order to build seven townhomes.

Anyone interested in evaluating these applications are welcome to attend the Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting on Tuesday Feb. 6, 7:00pm, at the Village Church 1231 Glenwood Ave., Suite B., and the EACA meeting on Tuesday Feb. 13, 7:00pm in the Community Room at Branan Towers, 1200 Glenwood Ave.