Community Meeting, October 10th 2017


Welcome – Lewis Cartee, President    

Atlanta Police Department

Committee Updates                                                                                            

Focus on Education - Atlanta Board of Education

  • Cynthia Briscoe-Brown, At-Large Seat 8

  • Courtney English, At-Large Seat 7 & Chair

  • Jason Esteves, At-Large Seat 9

  • Matt Westmoreland, District 3

Land Use & Zoning – Andy Schneggenburger, Chair                              

  1. SD-17-23, parcel subdivision at 1241 Bouldercrest
  2. Z-17-73, BeltLine Inclusionary Housing
  3. Proposed Annexation and rezoning of Value Village
  4. EAV mTAP

Closing Remarks and Adjournment    

What is Z-17-73?

"An Ordinance to amend the 1982 Atlanta Zoning Ordinance, as amended, City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances Part 16, so as to add a new Chapter 36A Entitled “Affordable Workforce Housing (Beltline Overlay District)”; to define certain terms; to provide for related requirements, procedures and incentives; to amend the 1982 Atlanta Zoning Ordinance, as amended, City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances Part 16, Chapter 28, Section 16-28.023, so as to allow Transfer Of Development Rights For Unused Density Bonus; and for other purposes."

What is mTAP

"During the course of the nine-month program, participants have an opportunity to provide leadership on a critical Atlanta regional issue through a mini Technical Assistance Panel (mTAP). Working in teams, participants will be responsible for sharing their expertise and advice to develop recommendations for a sponsor organization."

Meeting start at 7:04 pm

Welcomes & Announcements

Update from Atlanta Police Department (7:04pm)

East Atlanta Update - J. Hines Zone 6

City Update

  • Down 6% in crime; should be able to hold coming out of summer

  • No big trends happening in EAV; not even car break-ins

  • Ensure friends & family do not leave anything valuable in their vehicles


Community Updates

New Resident Welcome

Committee Updates (7:06pm)

NiN (Neighbor in Need)

  • October 21st - The Greatest Show in EAV (vintage circus)  749 Flat Shoals

    • Tumblers, aerialists, jugglers

    • Food catered by Palookaville, Midway, Argosy, The Glenwood & Elder Tree

    • Signature cocktails, beer donation EA Craft Beer Festival

    • Big sideshow venue - pinball that spits fire (Airstriker)

    • VIP $100 - unlimited drinks

    • General $50 - 3 drink tickets

    • Goal is to raise $35K - to date NiN has done over $28K in repairs

Arts & Culture

  • EAV-O-Ween - October 28th (prepare for Trick or Treaters on Oct 31st)

  • Costume contest at 5pm

  • Trick or treating in the village - $4K in candy last year and ran out

  • Movie night - 20th anniversary of Harry Potter (book) will show Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  • Accepting costume donations

    • Park Pet & Joe’s are drop-off locations

    • EACA will distribute to kids & teens

Parks & Greenspace

  • Welcome Alex Levy  & Jay Kirkland back to Parks & Greenspace Committee

  • Ad Hoc committee for 770 Shadowridge - Chaired by Andy (LUZ Chair)

  • October 28th - Trees Atlanta will be planting trees

    • Contact Michael at Trees Atlanta if interested

    • Volunteer to plant; go to Trees Atlanta or

  • Early to mid-November - Community volunteer event at Brownwood Park

  • Clean-up at community garden

    • Carpentry skills


  • Close out of shirts - donations will go towards Monument restoration


Focus on Education - Atlanta Board of Education (7:12pm)

Cynthia Briscoe-Brown, At-Large Seat 8 (running for current seat)

  • Signature Programming

    • Asked each cluster to select a signature program

    • Jackson - IB (global focus, social/emotional learning, rigorous academics)

      • Aligned teaching and curriculum to align with IB standards

      • In HS; IB Diploma Program which entitles them the right of citizens globally.  Pay no more than local citizens (ie France)

      • Active in an exchange program with Toulouse, France

      • 10 schools in candidacy phase / BPA in 2nd year of candidacy

    • SEL training for students and staff in 65 schools

    • No place for hate locations/peer support for anti-bullying

      • Every single school and district office

    • Wrap-around services

    • Vision to learn - free glasses for every student who needs them

    • Brand new medical clinic at King MS

    • Working with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on getting Asthma buses and access to students

    • Instituted an Affordable Housing Task Force

      • Brought in bright minds throughout the city to help us to determine how we can use our surplus property to secure safe, healthy housing for students & employees

Jason Esteves, At-Large Seat 9 (running for current seat)

  • Lives on upper west side

  • Academic Gains - testing

  • Chairs Budget Commission

    • $770M budget passed; raised pay for teachers

  • GO Teams - Governance Council/School Board at each school

    • Giving more autonomy to GO Teams on how they spend their $$; still somewhat prescriptive but do allow some flexibility.

    • Enabling principals and GO teams to do more; down the road APS will begin to provide more $$$ allowing for greater flexibility

  • Partnerships

    • $2M grant to increase literacy in EC

    • $8M grant to train teachers in APS

  • Voters in March recently approved $5B squash dollars

    • Disparity study done.  Found that less than 5% going to minority female businesses engaging in APS.  Working to improve upon that number.

Matt Westmoreland, District 3 (running for at-large seat previously held by Mary Norwood)

  • Last 4 years represented District 3

  • Thanks to Lewis for his partnership over the last 4 years

  • Last March part of 2015 turnaround strategy/school operations

    • Jackson Cluster 7 EC    1 MC  1 HS

      • Whitefoord - Edgewood/Kirkwood (Toomer)

      • Reynoldstown (BPA)

      • Opened Early Childhood Development Center

    • 2nd Phase of turnaround strategy

      • 15 of 16 schools saw improvement on state assessment

      • ⅔ of our schools saw progress

      • Last Wednesday, found out graduation rate is 77% ~581 more students up from 56%

    • Cluster wide Fall Festival on October 28th


  • Split from city in 1973

  • Stopped receiving deeds from the city in 2014.  Currently in court

  • Vacant schools - Are there any plans East Atlanta HS/?? Peterson

    • Approved short-term lease to film companies

    • APS owns the properties.  City & APS can work together; need to ensure properties are utilized.

  • What can we do as residents? Everyone of these schools has an authorization committee.  Join! They want to talk to community members. All schools in cluster IB by 2020/2021

  • Newsletters from school board available


Variance Applications (7:44pm)

Larger NPU 4th Wednesday - on the website

No voting this evening

SD-17-23, parcel subdivision at 1241 Bouldercrest

  • Frontage on Bouldercrest & Sargent

  • Looking to subdivide into 3 sub-parcels - appropriate single-family

  • Plans to build 3 house on the subdivided lots

  • Did neighbors approve? Unclear

  • Is the entire parcel in the CoA? Do not know.  Half of one parcel; will move line so that 2 CoA and 1 Unincorporated DeKalb

  • Comments: all 3 lots should be in CoA

Z-17-73, BeltLine Inclusionary Housing

  • Affordable Housing

  • Andre Dickens has drafted legislation for the BeltLine overlay ½ mile each side.  Will require developers (new construction/10 units or larger) building rental housing to reserve 10 - 15% of the units they produce for workforce income families. $45K median  15% or 10% for

    • quid pro quo - tax abatements, parking, expediting permitting process

    • One of the most important things the city can do; not perfect

    • Voted on next month at the NPU formally - please come 4th Wednesday of the month

    • Happy to request support; turning point for the city.  Additional policies such as this are important.  Halfway through, only meeting 14% of 5600 goal for beltline

  • City for All

    • Survey in advance of forum; if curious the response of candidates.  Responses are located at

Proposed Annexation and rezoning of Value Village

  • Coming up for vote in December.  Presentation for informational purpose

  • Simon of Stream Realty (800 employees in ATL) & Carl Westmoreland (attorney)

  • Primarily to bring the area into the city to bring better city services

  • Doesn’t carry CoA zoning; by law the re-zoning cannot be up zoned

  • In Carl Smith’s district; will be in NPU

  • Zoned C1 in DeKalb

  • Sensitivity in the city due to Emory

  • Will ask for C1 in Atlanta that will mimic LCI

  • Primary - for sale residential

  • Involved in BeltLine projects

  • Purchase 2 years ago - desire to put in CoA is police services

    • Quad riders - limited Unincorporated DeKalb police services

    • Complaints from tenants

    • DD’s & Dollar Tree have long-term leases; will need to negotiate.

  • Shared painting of what could be - residential (423 in various configurations) and commercial

  • Q&A - website to review? not at this time; conceptual

    • Plans for Senior Living? Units have not been designated/income capped

    • Affordable Housing? Not in the plan right now

    • Retail? Glenwood Park Lite

    • Timeline? Not at this time as there is still a lot to do.

    • What are your plans to engage the surrounding area? Trying to get in front of SANDS and attempting to hit all bases.


  • EACA has been awarded a mini-technical assistance team

  • Design experts that take on project will assess commercial area and assess business mix and identify gaps.  

  • Vacant and under-utilized properties

  • Parking situation - Will look at how parking situation would potentially work out if the village was developed to its full potential.  When they complete we will have a better understanding of what we need since we are becoming a regional destination.

  • Finished in April

SAP-17-105 Appeal - 1321 Glenwood Ave SE/503 Flat Shoals Ave

  • Developer (Thrive Homes) SAP-17-105 approved administratively on September 9th; EACA has appealed - review on Dec 14th

    • $250 approved by EACA Board for this appeal

    • Henry Bryant would like to make a motion that we (EACA) approve the expenditure

      • Motion to agree to appeal and pay for the appeal

        • in favor 28 opposed 0

    • Ed Gilgor is representing attorney; Andy & Ed will present

    • If we need to go to hearing to present; presence of the community is encouraged

      • Signed petition would not hurt and can be signed by community

    • CoA took away our voice in how the center of our community will be affected

    • Issue is not with the Developer

  • Did not go through LUZ

  • Have been in contact with developer’s attorney - by appealing we have the opportunity to provide comments and work this out without going to court

  • Developer would like to build 24 townhomes

  • Asked for 2 variances; one was approved

    • Allows them to reduce the width of the sidewalk to 10ft from 15ft.  Setting precedence for other developers to request a reduced sidewalk environment

    • Alley - 6 units to have 2-way access

    • Heavily trafficked on Glenwood; few crosswalks.  Creates a hostile environment for walkers


Candidate Introductions

Felicia Moore - District 9 - running for citywide rep (City Council Pres)

  • Strong on ethics; mandatory ethics training

  • Accountability - legislative to executive and vice versa

  • Queen of Transparency - all expenditures online; currently graded F

Oz Hill - District 1 (City Council Rep)

  • 20 years worked as US Army Officer

  • Director at CoA

Sachin Varghese (State House - District 89)

  • Former public school teacher

  • Working as attorney

  • Early voting on Monday

Lewis Cartee (District 3 ABoE)  

  • EACA President

  • Why I am running? Frustrates him that people need to work extremely hard to get the same things he is given as a middle-class white guy


Motion to Approve

Motion to approve August month’s minutes & spend for August & September

  • Approved

Meeting ended at 8:37 pm