Community Meeting, November 14th 2017


  • Welcome: Lewis Cartee, President    
  • Atlanta Police Department
  • EACA Committee Updates                                                                                            
  • Special Guest Parish Underwood, Director of the YMCA
  • Land Use & Zoning: Andy Schneggenburger, Chair   
  • Closing Remarks and Adjournment

Committee Updates:

  • Arts and Culture: Santafest is coming to town
  • Neighbor in Need: Donate to Thanksgiving sides for seniors
  • Transportation: Bike repair station in EAV
  • Membership: Renew today!
  • Nomination Committee

Land Use & Zoning Details: 

Click here to learn more about each request.                       

  • Z-17-038 Rezoning Request: New plan for 770 Shadowridge (aka "Ormewood Forest")

  • V-17-292 SAP Appeal: appeal of the SAP granted to the Glenwood/Flat Shoals Condominiums  

  • V-17-429 Variance Request: Side yard and front yard setbacks to build second floor at 429 Blake

  • V-17-312 Variance Request: Side yard (both sides) and front yard setbacks to build second floor and to build a garage at 488 Monument

  • LOR-17-004 Re-plating Request: Re-Plating of historical lot to make 1 lot into 2 lots at 486 Blake 

Q: What is an SAP appeal?

A: The city granted a Special Administrative Permit effecting sidewalks and setbacks for the proposed condos that are right behind the Flat Iron on Flat Shoals and Glenwood.  EACA appealed those SAP's and appealed the process arguing that these are variances that should go through the regular variance process and not be decided through a SAP.

Meeting RecapStephanie Brown