Community Meeting, July 11th 2017

EACA Community Meeting July 2017 3



Trees Atlanta has provided more information about their free tree program for streets and private yards.

770 Shadowridge Drive

  • The submitted by Heritage Capitol Partners was voted 28-0, in favor to defer/deny their MR-1 application
  • Also, if you have any questions about the 770 Shadowridge Drive property, please contact Andy Schneggenburger, Land Use and Zoning Committee Chair at and consider attending the next LUZ meeting: Next LUZ Committee meeting is Tuesday Aug 1, 7:00pm, at the Village Church



  • Welcome – Dorian DeBarr
  • Atlanta Police Department
  • Trees Atlanta – Mike McCord
  • B*ATL Commemoration Update – Stephanie Parker
  • Land Use & Zoning: Variance Application V-17-177, 1517 Marbut Ave SE
  • 770 Shadowridge Development – Heritage Capitol Partners

Meeting start at 7:05 pm

Welcomes & Announcements

Update from Atlanta Police Department


East Atlanta Update

  • Uptick in crime
  • Series of burglaries in the southern area of the beat
  • Same pattern in 607’s beat (right next door) as well
  • Currently happening during business hours

City Update

  • Lowering, approx. 10%
  • Goals
  • Police smarter


  • Q: What is beat 607? A: 612 is East Atlanta. Each beat is outlined on the APD website.
  • Q: Where exactly is the uptick? A: 5 Residential burglaries, including Gresham
  • Q: there seems to be an uptick in particular of some houses on the border of CofA getting hit 2-3 times. Are you sharing information with DeKalb County? A: Yes, this is very important.
  • Q: Do the videos people post from home security tools help APD? A: The cameras need to be placed in locations where you can get a clear shot of someone’s face. Consider something looking through a window at eye level. A view of the top of the head doesn’t help anyone. Also, the clearer the image the better so consider the quality of the equipment that you use. The VIC system and LPR reading systems work well!

Community Updates

Trees Atlanta - Mike McCord

EACA East Atlanta Community Meeting July 2017 2

Most trees in in Atlanta are in residential areas and at risk of being removed.

  • New shade tree program for private property!
  • All free!
  • Questions? Please contact me at 678-877-9079 or

What if there isn’t room for a big tree? Offer smaller fruit trees!

State of East Atlanta

  • 46-48% is city average
  • East Atlanta is similar, 46% coverage

East Atlanta Ideas

  • Planting behind T-shirt Lady and Cigar Village
  • Lot next to Argosy
  • Area next to East Atlanta Animal Clinic (old fire station)
  • Right-of-way strips on Glenwood

Community Feedback

  • Consider roof planting
  • Does Trees Atlanta call 811 to check for utilities? Not generally as holes they dig are not deep enough to generally require it.

Canopy Petition

  • Want to support the city’s canopy needs?
  • Get a petition at the table and sign!

B*ATL Commemoration Update, Stephanie Parker

153rd commencement of the Civil War on July 22nd

  1. Ongoing photography exhibit at East Atlanta Library with a silent auction

  2. July 20th @ 7 pm – Lecture from the Artist

  3. July 22nd @ 10 am – Reverence ceremony at Walker Monument

  4. July 22nd @ 10:45 am – Reverence ceremony at McPhereson Monument

  5. July 22nd @ ?? – Closing reception for photography exhibit at the East Atlanta Library

B*ATL Update

  • Over 100,000 of 250,000 raised so far to restore the two monuments
  • Consider making a donation to help!

Land Use & Zoning             

Variance Application V-17-177, 1517 Marbut Ave SE


  • Recommendation to approve by EACA LUZ and NPU-W Land Use and Zoning committees unanimously last night

Q &A

  • Q: What are the photos included? A: Comparable houses within 1000 feet
  • Q: Why 5 ft? A: Room to attend to carport without going onto neighbor’s property.
  • Q: Planning on a 2nd floor? A: Nope.


  • 32 for, 0 against

770 Shadowridge Development – Heritage Capitol Partners


  • Recommendation to defer/deny Heritage Capitol Partners MR-1 application and request additional information by EACA LUZ and NPU-W Land Use and Zoning committees unanimously last night


  • 28-0, in favor to defer/deny their MR-1 application

Presentation by Developer

Design of community

  • Cottage style homes, approx. 800 sq. ft.
  • Stylized homes (not cookie cutter), working with Tak Architecture Studio, O4W Architects
  • Private green space to be maintained by homeowners association
  • Target price $350,000-425,000 – this is new for Heritage (…?)

Land for public use

  • Keep ½ of the land for public use

Canopy Coverage

  • Cut 9 mature trees and replace with planting of 53 new trees
  • Note: this does not include Lot 10 that has been sectioned off separately

Updates from LUZ meeting last night

  • Last night there was a request for a watershed and traffic control study that are being initiated. Considering amending the application to include the request that the Ormewood Ave. land be for public use.
  • Amended application will be sent to EACA and NPU-W LUZ department.


  • Q: Regarding the public land, what does “dedicated to the city of Atlanta” mean? How does this work? Does the city have to accept it? Maintaining the property is not cheap. A: We have had positive discussions with the city regarding their interest in the property If the City of Atlanta does not accept it, would look for a private foundation to maintain it. If no one will take it, the community can take care of the property. Ultimately, the space will not be able to be developed, no matter who takes the land.
  • Q: Regarding area 10, does the count of 9 trees to be taken down, does this include the trees that are in the outparcel? A: No, those 9 trees do not include the area of lot 10.
  • Note: followed was discussion that highlighted a discrepancy between the community and the developer’s opinions of lot 10 and whether or not it is covered in trees vs. shrubs.
  • Community Statement: this is called cluster housing and we should consider that it may be a housing option in East Atlanta even though we have never had any in East Atlanta before.
  • Community Statement: there is frustration with the situation that a large organization is coming into our neighborhood to build something we don’t want and then leave so that we have to deal with it.
  • Community Statement: this would negatively impact the neighborhood’s application for historic designation.
  • Q: What is an MR1 and a PDH zoning type? A: The city suggested the MR1 because of its similarity to a townhome setup. It can allow for townhome housing and potentially commercial. Alternatively, the PDH application allows the site plan to govern the zoning and does not allow for the property to evolve outside of the intention of creating a single family housing environment. There is no zoning type for this.
  • Q:  You said that you WILL own this as of July 26th. You have also said that if we do not accept this design, you will instead proceed with an alternative design that would chop up the stream, yes? A: That is true.
  • Note: followed a discussion as to the intention of the builder and whether or not they have given the community an opportunity to take ownership of the land. They suggested that the neighborhood should have bought the property if they wanted it to go to a different use. To say the least, it got heated.

Natalyn Archibong

  • Sponsoring a project to improve communication around boil water advisories
  • Comments about the 770 Shadowridge property

Motion to approve last month’s minutes & spend

  • Approved

Meeting ended at 8:30 pm