Community Meeting, June 13th, 2017

June 2017 Agenda

  • Welcome and Announcements
  • Atlanta Police Department
  • Candidate Introductions
  • EAV Farmers Market Potluck– Sam Gader, Market Mgr.
  • Ecosystem Farms – Kirsten Simmons
  • Land Use & Zoning – Andy Schneggenburger, Chair                   
  • 1374 McPherson Ave
  • 770 Shadowridge ("Ormewood Forest") comprehensive development plan proposal
  • Project Pabst, 2017 – Michael King, Striking Marketing
  • Upcoming Events from Neighbor in Need
  • Upcoming Events from Arts & Culture
  • Closing Remarks and Adjournment

Meeting starts at 7:04 pm

Welcomes & Announcements

Membership - Samples from Poke Burri (Seven)

  • Business of the Month - we will present one of the local business
  • Opened 8 months ago in the Grub Collective and has taken off!
  • Learn more here!

Update from Atlanta Police Department

  • Uptick in car break ins in L5P
  • Please tell anyone who visits (friends, family)….don’t leave ANYTHING in your car
  • Flat Shoals & Hasley/Newton - heavy speeding, motorcycles, loud mufflers
    • Will talk to Morning Watch
  • Radar eligibility on Moreland (near Confederate)

Candidate Introductions

Bee Nguyen running for State House 89

  • Big on education
  • Opportunity to have more participation from the district
  • City based issues - opportunities to coordinate with pragmatic solutions
  • In 2014, only 5k showed up to vote - Encourage folks to vote and truly have our voices heard

David Orland Brown - Atlanta City Council 5th District

  • Education reform, mass transit and crime
  • 2 years and 10 days of sobriety
  • Link the BeltLine, Streetcar and Marta
  • Driving vision to take on City Hall

Lewis Cartee - ABOE District 3

  • EACA President
  • Has been involved in education in our community for over 12 years

Community Updates

EAV Farmers Market Potluck– Sam Gader, Market Mgr.

  • Potluck Event coming up
  • Really good attendance at our local farmer market
  • June 27th 7:30 - 9:30pm
    • Bring a beer
    • Bring a picnic blanket
    • Bring a dish
    • Market will close a little early
  • Moreland/Wylie - EAVFM Signage
  • Hosts community group meetings - once a month

Ecosystem Farms – Kirsten Simmons

  • Took over lease on Berea Mennonite Farm and is running her own business there
  • 2 acres of space including a field 35x135
  • Exploring the idea of turning this space into a community orchard
    • Would like to share with the community if there is interest, including kinds of fruit and maintenance proposals
    • Production of the orchard
    • Managed by the farm
  • Hosting events at the farm
    • Organic Farm - Managed with chicken, quail and duck
    • Only onsite chemical allowed is for red ants
  • Yoga on the farm on Sunday afternoons at 5pm
  • Gardening classes? Farming classes?
  • Producing a CSA
    • June 25th and run for 14 weeks for $450
    • 6-8 lbs of veggies, eggs and spices
  • Bee raising classes? Investor support, one of which is a beekeeper
  • Read more here



Land Use & Zoning (LUZ) – Andy Schneggenburger, Chair                   

1374 McPherson Ave

  • Seeking a variance to allow for renovation of existing home, reduce setback from 7ft to 1.5ft
  • LUZ agreed unanimously to approve / Affected neighbors - letter of support
  • Vote 31-0

Commercial corridor on Flat Shoals

  • 17 parcels - intended to be zoned for neighborhood commercial
  • More walkable and business friendly
  • Neighborhood Friendly - Local small businesses (Starbucks?) Andy will confirm whether that has been revised
  • Interest expressed to get that done this time.  Kaleb could help with explaining and drafting legislation for that node. Out of town for the next two weeks
  • If interested in being involved, reach out to Andy at  Would entail some evening meetings
  • Councilwoman Archibong is on board but would like to have at least 50% of the neighborhood in support

770 Shadowridge ("Ormewood Forest") - Developer shares a proposal for a comprehensive development plan

  • Heritage Capital Partners (HCP) shared drawings for the Cottages at Ormewood Forest a 20  home single family, cottage-style development
  • Developers were available for questions after the meeting
  • The development proposal will go through the rezoning pipeline next month (review by EACA and by our neighborhood planning unit, NPU-W, land use & zoning committees)
  • Be a part of the conversation:
    • Meeting to be scheduled with the community to discuss the merits. Please contact Ralph Green at
    • Attend the NPU-W Land Use & Zoning (LUZ) meeting, 1st Tuesday every month at 7pm (Village Church)
    • Attend the EACA LUZ meeting
    • Attend the full NPU-W meeting 4th Tuesday at 7:30pm (next meeting falls on July 4th - rescheduled to the following Monday after the holiday (July 10th) 7pm Village Church)
    • Steve: get together next month 11am - 8pm downtown

Jack Daniels Neighborhood Flavors - David Callaway

Neighborhood Flavors with Jack Daniels - July 29th 4 - 8pm  Saint Beauty to perform

  • David can answer details of the event
  • Urban Festival - 400 - 600 outside attendees
  • Glenwood/Flat Shoals down to Tomatillos
  • Negotiating site plan
  • Free Event - but still require special use permit
  • 2nd year for the festival
  • Philly, Chicago, Houston, NYC, LA
  • Motion to approve 19-0-7

Project Pabst, 2017 – Michael King, Striking Marketing

  • Oct 7th (Iggy Poppy and Dinosaur Jr!)
  • Rival Entertainment (local company) versus outside firm as last year
  • Fencing outside (south of Earl) up to Metropolitan
  • 2 Stages - main stage same as it was last year
  • 2nd stage in Earl parking lot  post 7:30 only on the end
  • ~7K people at the event last year - 3.5K tickets sold
  • Flat Shoals shut down saturday morning - off and out street open on Sunday morning
  • Programming in local bars to encourage business
  • Opening up Glenwood/shutting down Flat Shoals
  • Will be back in August/September to provide updates on the event
  • Check here for more info

Committee Updates - Acknowledgement of Chairs & Officers

Neighbor in Need – Nancy Carpenter, Chair

Don't forget these important upcoming dates!

  • September 23rd EAV Strut

  • October 21st - 2nd Annual NiN Gala at the Zuber-Jarell House

Arts & Culture – Jeanne Fore, Chair

  • Summer Movie Nights beginning July 29th!
  • EAV-O-Ween: October 28th
  • Streets will be closed (for safety concerns)

Motion to approve last month’s minutes & spend

  • Approved

Meeting ended at 8:33 pm