Community Meeting, May 9th, 2017

May 2017 Agenda

  • Welcome and Announcements
  • Atlanta Police Department
  • Committee Updates
    • Neighbor in Need – Nancy Carpenter, Chair
    • Membership - Vic Thomas, Chair
    • Arts & Culture – Jeanne Fore, Chair  
  • East Atlanta Village Farmers Market – Sam Grader, Market Manager
  • Save Ormewood Forest – Ralph Green, Organizer
  • B*ATL Frontline Tour – Henry Bryant, All Things History
  • Adopt-a-Street Relaunch – Lewis Cartee, President

Meeting start at 7:05 pm

Welcomes & Announcements

Political Candidate Introductions

Liliana Bakhtiari – running for City Council

  • Grew up in O4W
  • Have been living in district 5 for 11 years

Why running?

  • Prioritize long term sustainability over short term growth
  • Support new members of our community
  • Read more here

Sachin Varghese - running for House of Representatives

  • State is not working for Georgians today
  • Born in India, grew up in Georgia depending on public resources

Why running?

Lewis Cartee – running for the Board of Education

  • EACA President
  • Has been involved in education in our community for over 12 years

Why running?

  • Improve the “educational justice” in our school system

Update from Atlanta Police Department

  • Summer is coming… extra units being brought in
  • Normal reminders: don’t leave anything in your car!


Committee Updates

Neighbor in Need – Nancy Carpenter, Chair

May on May Update

  • Constantly raising money
  • Last weekend was our 10th annual May on May block party
  • Not a “community event” from a permit perspective, however still had over 275 attendees this year! Kentucky Derby theme this year – and it was super successful. Thanks to the community for several donated services and goods.
  • Through wristbands and t-shirt sales, we raised over $3,300 dollars!

Membership - Vic Thomas, Chair

  • Bring a friend to the meeting to be entered into a drawing for great East Atlanta prizes! So start talking to your neighbors. :)
  • We are working towards our goal to increase the number of business under EACA Rewards - encouraging support of our local businesses.
  • Consider shopping local and taking advantage of your EACA discounts.

Arts & Culture – Jeanne Fore, Chair

Great American Backyard Campout:

  • Recently had our annual campout event! It has recently moved from the blazing summer to springtime to make overnight camping for enjoyable.
  • Over 50 attendees! Erected a little “tent city” at the Zuber Jarrell house

Summer Movie Nights:

  • Looking at 3 this summer at the Farmers Market lot
  • One will most likely be Labyrinth! ☺


Community Updates

East Atlanta Village Farmers Market, Sam Gader


  • Thank you EACA for your sponsorship!
  • Changing address to Stokeswood to encourage accessing it from the neighborhood instead of walking across Flat Shoals

Thanks for the feedback

  • Kid friendly food and drinks - in progress!
  • Kid friendly events – in progress!
  • Alcohol – a little more complicated…

We need your help

  • Increased community support and attendance
  • What are your barriers from attending?
  • Partnerships with local businesses

Save Ormewood Forest, Alex Levy


  • 6 acre tract that is close to Flat Shoals and Ormewood
  • Mature trees, a stream and local wildlife are all present
  • Historically have not been able to find a developer that can work with the property and maintain its integrity
  • Opportunity to leverage city funds in partnership with Trees Atlanta to purchase this land (requires min. 5 acres) for the purpose of conserving the canopy
  • Website in progress!
  • City Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong has challenged us to prepare what all benefits can come of preserving this land


Q: Who owns the property? A: Someone who purchased the land during the recession. Apparently their asking price is high.

Q: How much of the property is in the floodplain? A: Not too much.

B*ATL Frontline Tour, Henry Bryant

This weekend’s tour

  • Battle of Atlanta went right through East Atlanta

  • Tour Saturday morning, approx. 1.5-2 hours long
  • You can purchase tickets at
  • Henry will do the tour this weekend if people ask! ☺
  • There is a B*ATL tour every month, check the website for the schedule.

B*ATL Trail Update

  • Large walking trail interchange in progress, almost $1million investment!
  • Should allow pedestrians to cross I-20
  • Federal funding is helping pay for it, so cannot say much until the layout is approved.
  • Have a conceptual plan that the parks department is in support of (was created in partnership with the department)
  • Natalyn announced that council approved $127K for trail

Monument Restoration Update

  • Raised $150K in pledges on the way to $192K to restore both monuments.
  • Would like to begin the restoration process by November; need to complete restoration by this time in 2018

Historical Markers Update

  • Historic neighborhood markers within our community. Ultimately would like to tie altogether so you know where you are in regards to the battle

Other B*ATL Events

  • Art Show at the library, photography of modern day culture in battlefield areas.
  • Differences in culture from then until now.
  • Art show at East Atlanta Library / 22nd - speaking at the Carter Library on the 20th (who)

Save the Old Prison Farm

What is it?

  • Located just east of city limits
  • Chastain Park used to also be a prison farm, now it is one of the largest parks in Atlanta

Recent Updates

Challenge of the Prison Farm is educating folks - visit website,

  • How can the state & city work together on a cooperating agreement?
  • Consider turning this site into a major regional park

Adopt-a-Street Relaunch, Lewis Cartee

  • Reached out to folks at Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission - partnering with them to manage
  • Take a look at the Monday newsletter
  • Adopt-a-Spot
  • Help manage, train and provide tools to be successful



Reminder that Beer Fest is around the corner!

Political Candidates (cont’d)

  • Peter Amon - candidate for Mayor of Atlanta

Motion to approve last month’s minutes & spend

  • Approved

Meeting ended at 7:55 pm