Community Meeting, April 11th, 2017

April Agenda Highlights

  • Special guest, Natalyn Archibong, Atlanta City Council
  • Great American Backyard Campout, April 22/23, Jeanne Fore– Arts & Culture Chair
  • Community Garden and Earth Day Clean up, Mary Yetter – Public Spaces (Parks) Chair
  • Bike Repair Station, Howard McFadden – Transportation Chair

This month's variance requests

  • None this month!

EACA Community Meeting Minutes April 11, 2017


  • Welcome and Announcements
  • Atlanta Police Department
  • Councilmember Natalyn Archibong, Atlanta City Council
  • Events and Updates
    • Great American Backyard Campout, April 22/23, Jeanne Fore– Arts & Culture Chair
    • Community Garden and Earth Day Clean up, Mary Yetter – Public Spaces (Parks) Chair
    • Bike Repair Station, Howard McFadden – Transportation Chair

Meeting start at 7:06pm


Welcomes & Announcements

  • Introductions of new neighbors
  • Historical Designation for EAV
    • Thank you to all that helped fund. We have fully funded our application for Historical Designation


Atlanta Police Department

Update from Police Department: Captain Neil Klotzer (best way to reach is via email)

  • Any questions, Major Peak, Lt Patterson and Captain Klotzer are available at Zone 6 call and ask, don’t wait for monthly community meetings
  • Capt. Klotzer is architect of video tech
  • Held information on robberies due to ongoing investigations – pictures could potentially taint line‐ups

Recent robbery sprees - Lt. Patterson shared letter of recognition on for officers who solved

  • Suspects license was suspended, handgun, marijuana, black masks found in vehicle. Suspects were transported and interviewed, subsequently charged with (4) robberies in the neighborhood
    • 1226 Portland, 609 Stokeswood, and (2) additional locations
    • 2nd suspect was a juvenile; released to relatives; not enough points to remand.
    • No one was hurt
  • Picture of vehicle (Maroon Al ma) using stolen ATM at SunTrust
  • Transient suspects
  • Crime suppression unit went out undercover on secondary spree; enhanced efforts
  • Major Peak posted on ND
  • Centralized unit to information share with other agencies (DeKalb PD)

Rash of burglaries and car thefts (computers) able to identify a fencing operation ‐ Tapeworm

  • Recovered 4 computers
  • Business is closed
  • Lt. Patterson will continue to provide updates


  • Bullets & Fireworks on ND
    • If worthy of posting on social media (police worthy) worth calling them
    • Still need to respond 99.99% of the me, there isn’t anyone at the location
    • Very difficult to pinpoint
  • Please do not leave valuables visible in your vehicle (backpack, phone charger, iPad)
    • Mitigate your chances by NOT leaving things in your car – REDUCE YOUR CHANCES
    • Steve shared a story – flagged vehicles


Councilmember Natalyn Archibong, Atlanta City Council

General Updates

April 12th 2 ‐ 4 – Invest Atlanta – Bond listening opportunity ($32M available)


  • Home Repairs for veterans, disabled, seniors
  • Homebuyer Assistance $$$$$
  • Millennials living outside of the city because they cannot afford to live intown.
  • Affordable Housing – Memorial Corridor (Atlanta Dairies)

Chris Kids ‐ Workforce needed cannot live in the City

  • Developers will have requirement to have percentage of affordable housing ‐ AMI (area median)
  • NA working with consultant – we want to have an area where everyone can live
  • Need to do with great intentionality

Tire Round­Up this Saturday 9 – 1 at (hill street)

  • Hard to recycle items will also be accepted
  • Iron Mountain will also be there shredding documents

Braeburn Road Construction Project

  • Between Pasley & Blake
  •  The meeting that will be held at the Brownwood Recreation Center and will convene at 6:30. The address is 607 Brownwood Avenue, SE Atlanta, GA 30316
  • Annexation at the fishtail
  • May be house by house (Se le Circle/Braeburn)


  • (Ormewood Forrest) – Money set aside to save our forest
  • PATH – Henry working closing with them (McWilliams/Marbut)

Arts Funding

  • Unable to get any traction on the quarter penny for art funding
  • Those under Gold Dome did not deem worthy

LUZ ­ R5 zoning

  • Will allow for there to be a tiny house or carriage house in your backyard
    • You can now have a stove – unlike prior
  • Journey towards looking at tiny houses
  • If you don’t have R5 – don’t build
  • NA would like us to be a destination
  • Going on real‐time – provide feedback
  • Steve Q: regarding why you cannot live in a tent on your property
  • When will we see new zoning re‐write?
    • Work is being undertaken – does not have definitive date

Marijuana decriminalization

  • Conundrum – if CoA decriminalizes and the state does not, it will be a felony
    • Off the highway ‐ GSP
  • Clarkson has decriminalized
  • Important thing for us to do carefully
  • Mayor is not supportive
  • Carefully being vetted
    • Takes pressure off prison system
    • Increased tourism
    • We are a progressive, liberal city
    • Racial disparity – police allocation – can spend more me solving real crimes


  • What should we do? What should animal control do? Consistency with their policies
  • BSL – Breed Specific Legislation ‐ No plans to do so; owners should be looked at

Bench by SunTrust moved – avoid panhandling

Memorial Drive – GDOT

  • 3 deaths on Memorial this year
  • Will speak with them regarding this as well as the I20 exit at Maynard Terrace

Community Member Concerns shared with Natalyn Archibong

Water Mains on Brownwood

  •  Proud of department and responsive

  • Sidewalk damage – call NA’s office
  • Metropolitan Ave – sidewalks disappear/walking on someone’s property
  • NA believes this is part of the city – send to NA’s office
  • Library to Monument
  • Priorities are destinations as we don’t have sufficient funding
  • Brownwood Creek ‐ Dumping
    • Dumping into creek and changing the color of the creek
    • Need cameras (Ormewood side)
    • Minimal penalty for being caught dumping – cost of doing business
    • Increase penalty for contractors (????) dissuade people from doing so
    • No signage (No Dumping) may need for both sides
    • NA will check on signage and penalties

Ordinance – House on Van Epps

  • Owner is moving trucks to other yards
  • Moves cars just enough so it is not a parking lot
  • Takes up space on both sides of the street
  • NA and Officer Sweet work regularly
  • Explosion of homeless people in the Village
    • One of the priorities the mayor has (Peachtree/Pine) all of those folks will be re‐housed
    • Aggressive panhandling laws on the books – call 911
    • Housing for veterans – veteran’s ini a ve
    • Ed Gilgor – Homeless vs. Panhandling (break‐out as separate issues – criminal vs. social service)

Reconstruct of Moreland and Glenwood

  • Moving along at snail’s pace – going through easements and right‐of‐way


Events and Updates

Great American Backyard Campout, April 22/23, Jeanne Fore– Arts & Culture Chair

  • Zuber Jerrell House, April 22nd – 23rd

    • Load in 2–4pm
    • Breakfast next day
    • Tour of Zuber Jarrell House
    • $20 to stay the night/ $10 Day Pass

Community Garden and Earth Day Clean up, Mary Yetter – Public Spaces (Parks) Chair

  • Community Garden in middle of Brownwood Park (10 years strong)

    • Encourage workdays/low on volunteers

    • Great space to grow veggies, meet your neighbors, fresh veggies

    • and Mary will guide you in the right direction

  • Earth Day – April 22nd, 10 am - 1 pm
    • Bouldercrest triangle
    • Nancy Hennessy will spearhead
    • Meeting at 10am and working for about 3 hours
  • EAV Farmer’s Market kicks off Thursday, April 13th 4 – 8 pm
    • 10th Season
    • Lots of good things to eat & see
    • Fresh local food to support the economy – BEER!!!!
    • April 20th – Strawberry Toast for Angus Brown – Check out FB Page

Bike Repair Station, Howard McFadden – Transportation Chair

  • Provided pictures of repair stations
  • Facts
    • 2000 – 2010 ATL was one of the top 10 cities for bicycle commuting
    • ATL 8th most traffic commuted cities in the world – last year 11th
    • Encouraging alternate mode of transportation
    • CoA created position – CBO (Chief Bicycle Officer)
  • Issue for EAV – we were not included in the plan – stopped west of Moreland
    • Push to update the plan – east of Moreland is still not included
  • What can we do so we can be connected to bike paths throughout the city? Small steps – Bicycle Repair Station
    • Cost of unit depends on model. $700 and up (station with pump is ~$1300). $1500 ‐ $1600 total including install.
    • Location
    • Trolley Trail – Arkwright/North of 20 (no connecti on South of 20/East of Moreland)
    • Shows that we are vested in being connected to the various trails
    • Henry: BTL Trail would provide interconnectivity from monuments to Beltline to Stone Mountain. Kirkwood also has extensive BL trails.


  • 2 business joined EACA
    • 493 Flat Shoals
    • Get Fruity – 493B
  • Ongoing effort for Membership – Introduction of Teresa, newest Membership committee volunteer!
  • Initiative to members to bring at least 1 new member next month
    • Raffle someone will win GC
  • Bring a friend!!!!
  • Steve shared brochures on the beltline as well as updates on repairing your house
  • Motion to approve last month’s minutes & spend
    • Approved

Meeting ended at 8:32 pm