Community Meeting, February 14th, 2017

February EACA Community Meeting Minutes & Treasurer's Report

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Meeting start at 7:07pm

Welcome and Announcements

  • New members
  • Discounts on Catlanta t-shirts
  • Howard McFadden joins EACA as Transportation Chair - Brief introduction
  • Transformation of newsletter and website - thank you to Stephanie and her team (Justin, Nicolia and Kallen!)
  • Councilwoman Archibong Discussed Unity rally – why we are here/who we are
  • Memorial Drive – on 2/21 at Drew Elementary Campus Natalyn will have meeting regrading Memorial Drive
  • Continued work on TSPLOST
  • Steve shared resolution regarding D. Trump’s comments regarding Rep. John Lewis and those residing in his crime ridden district. Demands public apology which has yet to be received
  • Legislation passed to allow tree recompense $$ dollars to be used, LC sends thank you
  • Vincent Fort – State Senator running for Mayor in attendance - Brief introduction
  • Neighbor in Need Poker Tournament coming up, March 25th

Atlanta Police Department, Sargent Lyons

  • Burglary within the past week; victim tracked laptop – entire fencing network
  • Electronics company within the neighborhood was front for operation
  • Fencing: steal and take stolen goods to someone else to sell
  • Small things in the community lead to big things - Thank you to the community

Land Use & Zoning, Andy Schneggenburger – Land Use & Zoning Chair

  • Meeting 1st Tuesday of every month at 7pm – any and all are welcome
  • 4t h Wednesday at 7:30pm – last recommendation that goes to City Hall
  • All at Village Church
  • 2 applications – deferred from last month

1. 839 Flat Shoals Ave. , rezoning request from C1 to R4B (corner of Flat Shoals & Cavanaugh)

  • Parcel owner is seeking to rezone from commercial to small parcel residential/subdivide in half and build 2 homes. The single parcel is similar in size to surrounding lots. Wants to prepare them for building
  • After meeting with other LUZ members and neighbors within the area, LUZ decided unanimously to oppose this request
  • There is no good planning reason that benefits the neighborhood with this request o Ralph Green: Motion to deny
  • 27 Yay 0 Nay 2 Abstentions

2. 731 Moreland Ave., exit only apron onto Moreland

  • Proposal to redevelop parcel with mixed-use development
  • Issue with sewage easement – cannot build over ● Asking for variance – right turn only traffic flow
  • Curb requirement – mid block
  • LUZ voted 7-0-1 to approve application
  • Q: Has a traffic study been done? No
  • Safe route to charter schools? Was mentioned, Andy does not recall
  • if there were specific design moves
  • Not a large development - ~8 units
  • Jack – can we delay until next month to get input from
  • Transportation – Andy to send documentation to Jack
  • EACA sends recommendation to NPU | NPU to city
  • Motion to approve recommendation - 25 Yay 0 Nay 4 Abstentions

3. 529 Flat Shoals Ave., SAP

  • App for parking – seeks to get acknowledgement
  • 529 expanding into frame shop 517 flat shoals
  • Tried to move the application through quickly
  • Error – didn’t foresee any issues
  • Pushed forward in zoning – SAPs are similar to alcohol licenses/administrative
  • Comments NC2 diversity in businesses/
  • Ed shared the process of modifying zoning reqs.
  • You cannot favor one business over another
  • Factors on why applications were approved/denied will be included
  • Note: SAPs are not something Community can vote on
  • The bigger issue is parking, are we tracking inventory for parking? There is a flaw in how these SAPs are approved ensuring non-duplicated parking. o NC2 parking study several years ago
  • On file – issue is that parking arrangements are approved at the Office of Planning (Downtown) filings of agreements for parking are difficult to find. Some of have been identified
  • Andy agrees there should be a way to track these things sensibly
  • Encourage Office of Planning to track

Historic Designation Exploration, Stephanie Cherry-Farmer

  • East Atlanta History Night - Tuesday, March 7th @ 7pm – Branan Towers
  • Students will be at Branan towers with scanners, etc. to incorporate in the project o Article in Porch Press, FB Event, Flyers at the library
  • If folks cannot attend, will send students to them o Spread the word!!!!
  • Employed by historic preservation division
  • Vote last May in EACA to work on draft for East Atlanta; honorary list
  • No infringement on property rights
  • Brings forth financial incentives
  • Documents our history
  • Class from Georgia State working on the project o Working with chief history people
  • Students are conducting the meat of the documentation now 1. Platt Maps, Deeds
  • 1st draft 3/27 – public presentation 4/25 (will be learning portion) what we have done and where we go from here

The Color Green

Community Garden , Mary Yetter - Public Spaces (Parks, Greenspace & Beautification Chair)

  • Garden has been there since 2006 – many worked hard to make it a beautiful space
  • Robby Astro assisted with orchard
  • Need neighbors to support the garden, work in the garden, need to get it ready for spring.
  • Donations of plants (perennials) o
  • Church groups, girl scouts

Forest Restoration Project, Kevin Mink - Trees Atlanta

  • Feb 25th in 9am – 12pm
  • Invasive tree removal / plant trees
  • Protect and conserve the urban canopy
  • Want the community buy-in to protect
  • If you have ideas of greenspace you would like protected; please contact Trees Atlanta

Atlanta’s Tree Trust Fund and 770 Shadowridge, Ralph Green

  • City has passed legislation – recompense fund – buy land and preserve the land
  • EACA is in support of the city purchasing the land and preserving it as greenspace at the benefit of everyone in the city
  • Unanimous decision to approve motion
  • Size/pre-coverage/no eminent domain/limits on $$ for up keep
  • How much can be used for maintenance – Comms will post legislation (click here!)

2017 EACA Proposed Budget, Ralph Green - Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

  • Reviewed EACA 2017 Draft Budget with Community Members
  • Streamlined process – present budget at (2) meetings
  • This would be approval to spend dollars without bringing back to community meeting. Monthly reports reflect dollars spent.
  • Vote next month
  • Motion to approve last month’s minutes & spend

Approved Adjourn @ 8:28pm