Welcome to 2016! EACA Membership Update

Thank you East Atlanta, over 180 households joined or renewed their EACA membership for 2016!  Our goal is to reach 350 registered households by the end of the year.

Now that you have signed up, talk to your neighbors and let them know what being an EACA member means to you.  If you have thought about becoming a member, please do so.  If you haven’t renewed for 2016, don’t forget.  (EACA membership is based on a calendar year.)  Our goals this year are:

  • To increase the size and diversity of EACA membership,
  • To welcome 300 new and returning member households,
  • To welcome back previous members still living in East Atlanta.

EACA’s 2016 membership drive will extend to those who sign up online through our website, our Facebook page, at our monthly meetings, or during an EACA sponsored event.  Follow us through our newsletter or on facebook to hear more about EACA events and our membership drive activities.    If you have any questions please contact us at membership@eaca.net

This year the membership drive is sponsored by these local businesses:

  • East Atlanta Village Farmers Market
  • Screenfixing.com
  • Ormewood Animal Hospital
  • Park Pet Supply
  • East Atlanta Village Fitness
  • Bow Wow Meow Pet Sitting
  • The Argosy
  • So Ba Vietnamese Restaurant
  • Grant Central East
  • Gaja
  • Tomatillos
  • Authors Henry Bryant and Katin Van Cronkhite
  • Trader Joes
  • East Atlanta Branch Library
  • Big Daddy Dog Biscuits
  • Piedmont Park Conservancy  

During the April EACA meeting we held a raffle that included all currently registered members.  The winner of a $100 Argosy gift certificate was a resident from Glenwood Ave.   Five other residents at the meeting won prizes such as the new EACA T-shirt, a copy of the “Images of America: East Atlanta” and a $25 gift certificate to the East Atlanta Farmers Market.


Shane Hix

MembershipNicolia Gruendler