Land Use and Zoning November Meeting Notes

EACA Meeting Agenda

Here is is a recap of the items discussed at the LUZ meeting this month that will head to the community meeting on Tuesday, November 14th.

1. Z-17-38 / 770 Shadowridge

Application to rezone from R-4 (single-family) to PDH (planned development) to develop 20 units. The NPU W Land Use and Zoning Committee voted last week 32-1 (2 abstentions) to deny the application, because the site plan is essentially the same as the 20-unit proposal that EACA declined to support in July, despite the City of Atlanta Zoning Review Board (ZRB) giving the developer a 90-day deferral on August 10 to find a workable solution with EACA. At the scheduled Nov. 2 ZRB hearing, the developer was given a second 30-day deferral because they failed to post advance public notice of the ZRB hearing, as required by law.

2. LOR-17-04 / 486 Blake Avenue

Application to replat a double-wide parcel on Blake Avenue to two normal-sized parcels, in keeping with the historic parcel pattern on the street. Existing home which straddles the former centerline will be demolished, with two new homes being built, one per newly formed parcel. NPU LUZ Committee voted unanimously to approve this application.

3. V-17-292 / 1321 Glenwood Ave. & 503 Flat Shoals Ave.

Appeal by EACA and Midway Pub owner of the City's approval of the Special Administrative Permit filed by the developer, on the grounds that variances in the SAP application were inappropriately granted administratively by the City. 

4. V-17-296 / 429 Blake Avenue

Application to reduce required front yard and side yard setbacks to add a second floor to an existing house. NPU LUZ Committee voted unanimously to approve this application.

5. V-17-312 / 488 Monument Avenue

Application to reduce the required front yard and both side yard setbacks to renovate an existing house, and to build a new detached 2-car garage. The NPU LUZ Committee voted 17-0 (6 abstentions) to approve the front and south side yard setbacks associated with renovation of the home, but to oppose the north side yard setback for the garage, since it would result in the new garage being just two feet from the wall of the home next door.

6. Z-17-91 / 1280-1296 Moreland Ave. & 1263 Custer Ave.

Application to rezone these parcels (currently home to the Value Village shopping center) as part of annexing them into the City of Atlanta from unincorporated DeKalb County. If annexed, they will become part of City Council District 1. Current rezoning legislation calls for a C-1 (community business) district. Applicant supports revising the legislation to change to MRC-1 (low-density mixed residential commercial) similar to other areas along Moreland, and as envisioned in the South Moreland LCI Master Plan of 2008. The NPU LUZ Committee voted 17-3 (2 abstentions) to include a condition for 10% of the total units built to be reserved for sale to moderate-income households.

NPU-W Zoning Committee Agenda & Voting Results

  • Rod Lee, Committee Chair
  • Andy Schneggenburger, Presiding
  • 11/07/2017, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Agenda and Voting Results:

  1. 17-O-1673 – Downtown Atlanta Master Plan

    • Motion to approve passed 24-1-3

  2. Z-17-038 – 770 Shadowridge Dr SE

    • Motion to deny passed 32-1-2

  3. LOR-17-004 – 486 Blake Av SE

    • Motion to approve passed unanimous

  4. V-17-283 -- 901 Underwood Ave SE

    • Motion to approve passed 16-1-0

  5. V-17-287 -- 704 Conally St SE

    • Motion to defer/deny passed unanimous

  6. V-17-292 –- Appeal of SAP-17-105 / 1321 Glenwood Av SE

    • Motion to approve passed unanimous

  7. V-17-296 -- 429 Blake Av SE

    • Motion to approve passed unanimous

  8. V-17-298 -- 603 Boulevard SE

    • Motion to approve passed unanimous

  9. V-17-301 -- 907 Eden Ave SE

    • Motion to approve passed unanimous

  10. V-17-303 -- 385 Grant Circle SE

    • Motion to approve failed 4-6-12

  11. V-17-312 -- 488 Monument Ave SE

    • Motion to approve front & south side yard variances, and to deny north side variance passed 17-0-6

  12. V-17-321 -- 607 Federal Terrace SE

    • Motion to defer/deny passed unanimous

  13. Rezoning for Proposed Annexation of Value Village Shopping Center on Moreland

    • Current ordinance that was just introduced has language proposing rezoning to C-1.

    • A motion to support amending the ordinance to MRC-1 zoning with no conditions failed 10-11-0.

    • A subsequent motion to support amending the ordinance to MRC-1-C with a condition that 10% of the residential for-sale units produced would be made affordable to buyers with household incomes at or below 100% AMI (using HUD guidelines for household affordability) passed 17-3-2.