Get Fruity is EACA's October 2017 Business Partner of the Month!


This business, owned by Fred Fox, focuses on promoting a healthier lifestyle by providing fresh healthy and delicious foods. They started out our business by delivering fruit salads. Get Fruity has been around for 19 years as a hustle in college. For five months, their business has been in East Atlanta. Fred Fox is from New Jersey and moved to Atlanta five years ago. The fact that, East Atlanta had no smoothie shops, and the community was very receptive to the business, he wants to get more involved in the community to help other small business.

The aim is to provide the world fresh healthy and delicious foods to help people live more and feel better. Their team always make sure to provide the best meals for every customer. Every fresh and delicious meal that they serve are made with love and care. Anytime, people can have a quick access of delicious and fresh healthy foods from here. Their business is about cleaner versions and healthier options of delicious comfort foods. They know that people want to have the best foods to put into their stomach, and that’s one of the reasons why they are striving to continue providing and delivering incredibly fresh and delicious healthy foods. All meals that they have will be delivered fresh and never frozen.

In fact, they take pride in providing great customer service to everyone. Get Fruity years in the service helps the customer assure that they have the right meals to provide. All the ingredients that are using by the chef are all fresh and certified organic, as they want to help their customers to get the right nutrients they need. Also, Get Fruity can guarantee every customer to get not only fresh healthy and delicious foods, but also care and love from their team. They are composed of team who are truly professional and responsible to meet and satisfy customer’s needs.

Should you ever find yourself in the East Atlanta Village looking for a healthier option, make sure you stop by and add Get Fruity to your many choices of food options whenever you're feeling hungry!