Community Meeting, January 10th, 2017

January Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's Report

East Atlanta You Look Nice Today

3 Goals of Keep Atlanta Beautiful & What is Changing for East Atlanta

Moses O. Tejuoso, Community Affairs Coordinator – Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission

What is Keep Atlanta Beautiful?

  • Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission
    • City of Atlanta, Dept of Public Works
    • Part of National Department, Keep America Beautiful

3 Goals for Reducing Waste

  • Christmas Tree Recycling Program
    • Effective recycling of christmas trees is to be turned into mulch!
    • Just wrapped up a collaboration with Boy Scouts to provide tree pick-up services and with Home Depot to provide tree drop-off location
    • Waiting for final count of the number of trees recycled
  • Scrap Tire Recycling
    • Can also be used for mulch!
    • Hosted an amnesty event with used tire businesses in which over 10k tires were gathered!
    • Working to create systems that encourage a space to stay clean of recycled tires (clean & proactive monitoring) instead of focusing efforts on repeated clean-up
  • Beautification
    • Tree Planting
      • Collaboration with Trees Atlanta
    • Litter Prevention
      • It is moving to Keep Atlanta Beautiful ownership

Why present to East Atlanta today?

  • EA has historically been a frontrunner in beautification
    • East Atlanta accounts for possibly up to 50% of historical Adopt-a-Spot program participation
    • FUN FACT! East Atlanta program founded the city’s Adopt-a-Spot program
  • Program has recently moved to being run by Keep Atlanta Beautiful
    • Program is being revamped: improved signage and support
  • Keep Atlanta Beautiful would like to “invite you back!” to the Adopt-a-Spot program
    • What we do: adopt a street, keep it clean
    • What they do: provide tools and recognition
    • Ultimately, let’s collaborate to create a program that once again services the community

Community Feedback

  • Need to make sure that funds are allocated correctly
  • Request to add trash bins at all MARTA stops
    • This is being looked into
    • Current best practice is that trash bins should be within viewing distance of each other
  • It’s Moses’s birthday — happy birthday!! 


Introduce 2017 Committee Chairs & Take Approval Vote

Lewis Cartee, EACA President

2017 Officers (Voted on in December)

2017 Committee Chairs (Need to vote on)

  • Arts & Culture, Jeanne Fore –
  • Communications, Stephanie Brown –
  • East Atlanta Parents Network, Jennifer DeBarr –
  • Economic Development, Armando Celentano –
  • Education, Lewis Cartee –
  • Fundraising, OPEN –
  • Land Use & Zoning Committee, Andy Schneggenburger –
  • Membership Committee, Vic Thomas –
  • Neighbor in Need, Nancy Carpenter and Marc Takacs –
  • Parks and Green Space (Public Spaces), Mary Yetter –
  • Porch Press, Henry Bryant –
  • Public Safety (Community Outreach), Kalief Legend –
  • Transportation, OPEN –

Meeting Vote:

  • Ed Gilgore nominated that the chair assignments be approved
  • All in favor


Zoning and Variance Requests up for Vote

Andy Schneggenburger, EACA Land Use & Zoning Chair

839 Flat Shoals

  • Seek to re-zone from commercial (C-1) to residential (R-4B) for subdivision to be built out as 2 homes
  • Was deferred to next month
  • Meeting to discuss this application Saturday @ Zuber-Jarrel House at 11:00 am

Iffy Mart

  • Seek to build mixed-use, but logistical gymnastics required
  • Was deferred to next month

720 Flat Shoals Ave

  • Brian Hester is the homeowner
  • Looking for variance to build a pool, only required because their property
  • Approved unanimously at the committee meeting
  • 2 written and 1 text approvals from their 3 neighbors
  • Kilgore to close debate and approve
  • 27 “Yay”, 0 “Nay!” 1 abstention

Community Feedback

  • 839 Flat Shoals
    • What are the cons to approving this request?
      • Decrease the viability of this corner to become a small commercial hub within the neighborhood
      • Initiates a larger “Land Use” question about that part of the neighborhood
    • What happens if the request does NOT receive EACA support?
      • The request loses momentum in receiving ultimate approval from Mayor
      • It is possible, but uncommon for the community approval to be ignored
      • The greater concern is that the development of the land can be executed by a completely different entity


Police Department Update

Officer Patterson, APD


APD Update

  • Lt. Floyd has moved to a different position
  • Officer Patterson (J. is taking over the 3pm – 11pm shift
  • Crime Statistics to note:
    • 13% downward trend in crime rates in East Atlanta
  • Patterson’s Plan:
    • Continue to tweak the current plan that appears to be having a positive impact and continue the trend of lowering the crime rate in East Atlanta
  • FYI – Sgt. Kilner also added to evening watch and will drop by sometimes as well


Wake and Bake Charity Event, Sunday Jan 15th, 6-10 pm @ the Argosy

Armando Celentano, EACA Economic Development Chair

“Wake and Bake Off”


Alcohol License Requests

Ed Gilgore, NPU-W Chair

Texaco, 1988 Flat Shoals Rd

  • Reason for request:
    • Current owners have an alcohol license
    • Building is undergoing a change of ownership
    • New owners requesting an alcohol license as well
  • Ralph motion to approve
    • Unanimous approval

Flat Iron (upstairs), 520 Flat Shoals Ave

  • Reason for request:
    • Purchased 2nd floor (formerly 12 Roses Tattoo)
    • FUN FACT: Georgia law requires 2 permits for an establishment if there is a wall separating the space and there is a bar on both sides of the wall
  • Ralph motion to approve
    • Unanimous approval

East Atlanta Supermarket, 1358 Glenwood Ave

  • Reason for request:
    • Current owners have an alcohol license
    • Building is undergoing a change of ownership
    • New owners requesting an alcohol license as well

Community Feedback

  • Concerns expressed about East Atlanta Supermarket
    • New owners introduced themselves, plans to improve the establishment
    • Nancy Carpenter spoke to the revamping of the internal space and potential distribution of local products
    • The lovely Natalyn Archibong noted that the location unfortunately did not have any Coke Zero 
    • Motion to deny:
      • Received no 2nd
    • Ralph Green motion to approve:
      • 17 “Yay!” and 1 “Nay” and 4 Obstain


MLK Service Day, Monday Jan 16th, 10 am @ the Planter

Jeanne Fore, EACA Arts & Culture Chair

MLK Service Day

  • EACA hosting service event in EAV
    • Meet at 10 am at the Planter
    • Mary Yetter is going to put together list of public spaces that need cleaned up & may be augmented with homes in the community that need servicing


Wrap-up: Ralph Green motion to approve the minutes!

  • Motion 2nd by a crying baby 

Check out the Treasurer Report before you leave!