Join East Atlanta Security Patrol - Special Offer

In order to increase police presence in East Atlanta during the summer months, the East Atlanta Security Patrol (EASP) is offering free service for the last week of May and all of June to new members! With only four entry dates for membership per year, you must normally wait until July 1st to become a member, but with Memorial Day fast approaching and lots of new families moving into the neighborhood during the summer, there have been multiple requests to allow entry before July 1st.  This is also a great opportunity to invite your neighbors to become members, as patrol time is largely allocated based on where members live. And more members mean more patrol hours for the community as a whole.

Membership in the EASP also means that you may request extra patrols while you're away from home, including Memorial Day, The Fourth of July and the December holidays.  By submitting a simple form, members receive extra patrols at their homes by both the EASP officers and APD officers. 

Membership in the EASP is $50 per quarter, with a one-time charge of $15 for administrative fees and an EASP yard sign.  Memberships are offered for 3, 6 and 12 months. If you join under this special offer, all memberships will officially start on July 1st, after the free period ends.  This offer ends on May 24th. To become a member, visit our website at or call 404-954-1568.

The EASP, now in its thirteenth year of operation, is an effort to enhance public safety in East Atlanta. The EASP employs off-duty Zone Six police officers to perform additional patrols within Beat 612, which is the police designation for the East Atlanta community. All patrol officers are armed, in uniform, with full arrest powers.  All vehicles are clearly marked on both sides with the EASP emblem. When possible, the EASP employs officers who work or live in the East Atlanta community and have a vested interest in keeping our neighborhood safe.

In addition to extra police patrols in our community, the EASP works closely with the Atlanta Police Department and other security patrols to share information about crime threats or new patterns of crime. When appropriate, the EASP shares this information with the community via the EASP website, Facebook and Twitter.  The EASP also addresses quality of life issues, which can range from abandoned cars to noise complaints, difficult neighbors to missing street signs.