Update on 1533 Van Epps Ave SE

The City of Atlanta's Department of Public Works will be performing an extensive clean-up of the hoarding situation outside the home located at 1533 Van Epps Ave SE. This activity will occur no earlier than April 29th and will result in a large exodus of rodents, which will be looking for new places to call home. EACA is working with a private pest control company and the City to determine what rodent mitigation efforts may be done on the property to limit the impact to neighbors during and after the clean-up.

We will share more information as we have it, but in the meantime, we highly encourage you to consider steps that you may be able to do in preparation. This includes more obvious steps, such as checking or installing screening over vents to your home, to more complex work such as trimming back limbs from the roofline. If you are nearby and have a current pest control company, you may consider discussing further with them. Small, inexpensive prevention might keep a larger and more expensive exclusion from being needed.

You can find good information at https://www.cdc.gov/rodents/index.html.

NewsErin Jewell