Renew Your EACA Membership for 2019

2019 is off with a bang and we hope you are feeling good about the year ahead. We sure are. EACA committees are revving back up and progress is continuing to be made.

Your yearly $10 membership fee is just one of the ways EACA raises money to fund community service projects, neighborhood improvements, and fight for the policies its members find most important. The calendar year has just begun and we hope you will Renew Your Membership for 2019

EACA Membership Benefits

  • Show your support for the East Atlanta community

  • Stay engaged and informed with news and information

  • Vote on issues and concerns brought before EACA at our monthly meetings

  • Save with discounts and special offers from EACA's business partners 

Ready to Take Your EACA Spirit to the Next Level?

Add an EACA yard sign for $25 showing everyone who drives by that you are an active EACA Member and a leader in making East Atlanta the best place to live.

Ready to Renew? It's Easy! 

  • Fill out our online registration 

  • Sign up at the next EACA Meeting on February 12

  • Make check payable to: EACA at PO Box 18366, Atlanta, GA 30316

Have Questions? 

Connect with the EACA Membership Chair, Vic Thomas

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