Share your opinion on the future of EAV

Please take a few minutes and complete a survey using the link below:

This survey is being conducted on behalf of the East Atlanta Community Association (EACA) by members of the Urban Land Institute Center for Leadership (ULI CFL).  The ULI CFL is a nine-month leadership course made up of a diverse set of experienced professionals in the real estate community in metro Atlanta.  EACA reached out to the ULI CFL with a desire to gain a better understanding of market conditions in East Atlanta Village (EAV) and guidance on what strategic actions might be effective to influence or steer future growth and business activity in EAV.  Specifically, EACA asked the ULI CFL team to help answer three key questions:


  • What commercial uses are currently lacking in EAV?
  • What is the development potential of currently vacant or underutilized parcels in EAV?
  • What are the future parking needs of EAV?

The results of this survey will be used by the ULI CFL team to help answer these three questions and will be presented to EACA as part of a larger report at the May EACA monthly meeting.