Latest News Regarding Your Taxes and Our Environment, by Councilmember Natlayn Archibong

Natalyn Archibong, our District 5 City Council Representative

Natalyn Archibong, our District 5 City Council Representative

From your Councilmember Natlayn Archibong:

Single family property owners in Atlanta-in-Dekalb will receive a 20% reduction in their 2017 property assessments.  This reduction is the result of the July 6, 2017 vote by the DeKalb County Board of Assessors (the Board).  The Board’s action was governed by state law, (O.C.G.A. 48-5-299(d).  Pursuant to that law, DeKalb County was obligated to reduce property values commensurate to the level of reduction approved by Fulton County.  Specifically, that law provides that when a city is located within two different counties, those two counties must confer and distribute city taxes uniformly.    
Two additional things to note.  First, the 20% decrease in valuation did not extend the deadline for filing and appeal of your assessed value.  That deadline has already passed.  Second, the 20% decrease in valuation only impacts the City of Atlanta taxes and Atlanta Public Schools taxes.  The taxes for DeKalb County services will be at the full assessed value.

Legislative Highlights:

Archibong was the chief sponsor of the following legislation:  
Establishing a 180 moratorium on the cutting of 10 or more trees on 5 or more acres:  This legislation is a companion to the legislation adopted by the City Council in December of 2016, that authorized the use of a portion of the City Tree Trust Fund for the purpose of acquiring forested land.  The moratorium will allow the city to continue evaluating the feasibility of acquiring select forested acreage without the fear that these forested lands will be clear-cut during its deliberation process.
Affirming the City’s support for the Paris Climate Accord:  The legislation affirmed the City support of the Paris Climate Accord, and encouraged the City to take the lead in encouraging other cities and businesses to continue and to expand efforts to protect our environment.


The Community Development/Human Services Committee will host a worksession to discuss a proposal to allow wildlife habitats on private property.  This worksession will involve code enforcement officers, neighbors and wildlife habitat experts.  Anyone interested in learning more about this legislation or to participate in this worksession, please call Councilmember Archibong’s office, 404-330-6048 or

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