Hyatt Good Taste Series sources their dishes at the EAV Farmers Market

During EACA's recent membership outreach, on July 20th, we encountered a large group of chef's visiting our local community farmer’s market. To our pleasant surprise, over 8 leading chefs came by as part of a creative cooking challenge portion of the event.

The Hyatt Regency is hosting its 4th annual Good Taste series, The Southeastern regional competition is here in Atlanta. The Hyatt cooking competition features its top Chef's from across American hospitality centers and compete on a national level. They visited the EAV farmer's market to select food for the upcoming culinary challenge!

EACA volunteers had an opportunity to score a quick interview with the group:

What is the Hyatt Good Taste Series?

The Hyatt Good Taste series is a series of competitions globally for up-and-coming chefs from the region’s Hyatt Regency resorts . Each chef competitor thoughtfully prepares one plate aligned with Hyatt’s Sustainable Seafood philosophy plus one healthy option dish aligned with Hyatt’s global food philosophy "Food, Thoughtfully Sourced, Carefully Served" and its three pillars: healthy people, healthy planet and healthy communities.