Community Piece Project creates a fun and easy way to help the Atlanta community

UPDATE! Congratulations to Chad and Kyle for exceeding their goal! We look forward to assembling the puzzle in homes across East Atlanta.

As of Sunday, July 9th:

Just launched last week, EAV resident and business owner Chad Elkins created the Atlanta Community Piece Project ( as part of his 25th Century Games game development studio. The four beneficiaries are: Atlanta Community Food Bank, 48in48, Historic Oakland Foundation, and Lifeline Animal Project.

The theme is that with all of the needs across metro Atlanta let alone the country, it’s easy to feel helpless in the face of it all. We, and Kyle, wanted to create an easy and fun way for anyone to help broadly with a single action. We’re producing a set of limited-edition items including puzzles and gallery-quality canvas art prints from a special painting Kyle did for the project, that he calls “Puzzling Pointy People”.

Here's Kyle describing it in his own words:

The project just launched this past Tuesday, June 7, and will be open for about a month. We’re using the Indiegogo Generosity platform, which works a lot like standard patronage platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but only hosts charity projects.

As of Sunday, June 18th, the project is 55% to goal. Stay tuned for updates!