Historic Site Preservation bill stalls – Always Next Year...

The July 2016 newsletter reported on Georgia House Resolution 978 that created a study committee on historic site preservation. The Speaker of the House subsequently appointed five representatives who held four meetings from 2 August to 29 December and issued a final report that became the basis for House Bill 59, introduced during the 2017 General Assembly that concluded in late March.

House Bill 59 focused on increasing use of tax credits to encourage preservation, raising the annual limit on such credits from $25 million to $50 million, principally for large buildings. The bill passed the state House 139-27 but stalled in the Senate.

It will remain on the Senate agenda for the 2018 session, so you may contact your state senator before or during the next General Assembly (begins January 2018) to express support for the bill.

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Contact your Senator.

This bill could be helpful for some of the larger structures if East Atlanta becomes a National Register District. Contact your senator and express your support before the next General Assembly.

Click here to learn more information about the bill.

- Henry Bryant, contributor