Brownwood Park Community Garden Needs YOU!

Brownwood Park Community Garden was created in 2006 by a group of east Atlantans, with the support of Park Pride and was the first community garden in a City of Atlanta Park.

Over the years we have seen the garden grow and develop into a beautiful place for local folks to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruit. As well as it is a place to sit, relax, and contemplate among the garden plants and pollinators. The garden has a small group of wonderful gardeners and is visited by many people, Brownwood Community Garden needs your support to continue to be a beautiful vibrant garden and a centerpiece of Brownwood Park.

There are a few ways you can support the garden,

  • Become a gardener! Plots are available and grow your own flowers, herbs and vegetables.
  • Organize your friends, family or organization to work in the garden, it is so rewarding!
  • Donate seeds, native plants, and fruit trees to increase the diversity of the garden.
  • Donate gently used garden hand tools.

Please contact if you are interested or have further questions about supporting urban gardening in Brownwood Park. We look forward to meeting you!


Mary Yetter, Public Spaces Chair