A day in service of Brownwood Park

Our goal of taking back the urban forest from the grip of non-native, invasive weeds came one-day closer to reality on Saturday, November 11th, when 12 volunteers from Trees Atlanta and EACA neighbors gathered in the forested south-side of Brownwood Park.  

Together, we liberated over a dozen canopy trees from a mounting infestation of English ivy and wintercreeper euonymous.  Also removed were hundreds of shrubs of Amur honeysuckle, Chinese and Japanese privet, multiflora rose, and laurel cherry.  Along the Pendleton Avenue embankment, we also removed non-native vines such as kudzu, as well as Oriental bittersweet and porcelain berry.

Enduring beneath the onslaught of invasive and non-native thickets, discovered were indigenous southern sugar maple, tupelo, elderberry, river oats, muscadine, and a slew of recruited tulip poplar, sugar hackberry, and red mulberry.

BOLO for more opportunities to pitch-in and improve the quality of Brownwood Park, its forest, and the community garden.

- Alex Levy and Jason Kirkland, Public Spaces Committee Co-Chairs

I spy volunteers in Brownwood Park, do you?

Before and after...

Hard at work!

Thank you again to all of the volunteers who came out and helped take care of the park we all love!