"Thanksgiving Sides for Seniors" in East Atlanta

Thanksgiving sides for seniors 2017

UPDATE: Thanks again to EVERYONE who donated time, food, money, and more to the Neighbor in Need, Sides for Seniors Project.  The output of what we received was amazing and we could not have done it without all of you!

So what did our “Thanksgiving Side Basket for seniors” accomplish?

21 baskets (estimate 3/basket = 63 people) to seniors in the community

2 boxes to Branan Towers Senior Center with variety of sides (estimate serving 20 people)

2 boxes to East Atlanta Kids Club (estimate serving – 12 people).

We roughly estimate that we help put food on the table for 105 or more people in and around the East Atlanta community. The amazing baskets were delivered to the seniors on Sunday where they were greeted with many hugs, tears, thank you(s), thank you cards, phone calls and more expressing appreciation. 

Our team captain, Colton, managed this project from beginning to end making sure everything got completed by the deadlines he set in his project plan. For me, this is probably one of my favorite projects to have been a part of since moving to EAV 15 years ago.  Not only because I did not have to oversee everything, but that this project brought so much joy and sense of community to so many “people” in need in East Atlanta and that was because of all of you.

We look forward to doing this again in 2018!

- Nancy Carpenter, Neighbor in Need

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